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Blondies Kitchen

The Brand

Be warned – if you’re trying to stay away from sugary treats, delving into Blondies Kitchen online presence is a bonafide danger zone.

Founded by two blonde foodies (see what they did there?) back in 2016, they’ve been creating some of the most decedent cookie and brownie-based treats ever since. With a penchant for the pretty, pink and chocolatey, their products are the stuff of Instagram folklore – and a vital fixture of the Selfridges Food Hall.

The Task

We’ve been working with Blondies for a couple of years now, supporting their incredible expansion. We began by creating their coffee cups and this has snowballed into a number of other product requests to house their range of treats, ensuring we harness the visual impact of their brand throughout, including bright colours and slogans.

From ice cream/cookie dough cups to branded bags and greaseproof paper all the way to pizza-style boxes for their large personalised cookies, we’ve had a blast working with the girls… and have also treated ourselves to a cookie or two ☺

At Christmas, Blondies tasked us with creating a bespoke box for their mince pie launch. The brief:

  1. Make. It. Instagrammable.
  2. Ensure each little parcel of joy was kept in tip-top condition

The Outcome

After getting the sizing right so that 6 mince pies fitted perfectly, we got to work on making the box stand out. Through our ability to print internally, we created the perfect unboxing experience. On opening the box, customers were greeted with a vivid bright pink interior and an empowering, punny slogan to fill them with Christmas joy – you guessed it, perfect for the ‘gram.

In order to ensure the boxes were fully optimised for takeaway, we added in a divider insert as the final touch, so that each pie arrived exactly as intended. The cherry on the top - with the divider removable, it has provided Blondies with the flexibility to use the boxes for multiple purposes, products and happy customers.

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