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Bone Daddies

The Brand

Purveyors of ‘Rock N’ Roll’ ramen, Bone Daddies have been serving up brothy bowls of Japanese goodness for almost a decade now. Famed for their creative approach to ramen and often credited as the catalyst for bringing New York-inspired butched up bowls of soupy, meaty goodness to these shores, you might say they’re the Daddies of the ramen game in the UK.

The Task

We had the pleasure of working on a full tender project with the Bone Daddies team, tasked with developing their branded packaging range. Innovative and detail obsessed, they were keen to effectively pair design and function with packaging that exudes the brand’s young and fun image but also overcomes key delivery and takeaway hurdles.

Experience is key with a new-age restaurant brand like Bone Daddies. Their clientele expect a product that not only serves its primary purpose of housing the food but also looks damn good on their Instagram feed – and we were happy to oblige.

The Outcome

Details, details, it’s all in the details. Bone Daddies nailed it with their packaging design – ticking the boxes of being clear, bright and visual...but also being practical, displaying bold prep instructions to maximise their customers’ dining experiences.

In addition to producing a range of different products for the group (including bespoke ramen bowls, hot food boxes, foil bags & block bottom bags), we’ve also been able to come up with some clever bespoke additions to problem-solve little packaging dilemmas. For example, we developed an internal removable shelfing unit for the branded ramen bowl to separate the toppings from the ramen broth, ensuring the noodles don’t become soggy during transportation – allowing the customers to slurp away at their ramen exactly as it should be.

With 13 different locations, we’ve also supported Bone Daddies with a storage and fulfilment solution that includes regular last-mile deliveries into each of their sites, so that no customer has to go without their ramen.

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