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The Brand

Artisan originals Gail’s have become a cornerstone of many a London high street, slinging some of the finest baked breads (and those wonderful parmesan chicken buns) for over 15 years. They now have 70+ locations throughout the UK and remain a hotspot for yummy mummy meet-ups, treat-seekers and coffee connoisseurs a-like.

The Task


Gail’s presented us with a true test of our abilities to act quickly and respond to an urgent request. At the beginning of the year the team at Gail’s approached us in need of a super-fast turnaround for branded coffee cups.

Their customer demand had hit fever pitch and they had an unexpected gap in stock, and there’s nothing worse than telling a coffee drinker that their caffeine hit won’t be possible at 8am. The caveat on the order was that it needed to be filled as quickly as possible or their business would not be able to continue as normal (no pressure, guys).

The Outcome

Speedy turnaround? No problem.

With our production facilities based in the UK allowing us to produce and deliver without any long waiting times from international suppliers, we were able to get stuck into the job straight away. We delivered 250,000 branded, fully recyclable coffee cups in under three weeks.

Because no one should go without their morning caffeine hit.

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