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The Ritz Hotel

The Brand

The. Ritz. Hotel. Need we say more? Synonymous with luxury and elegance, The Ritz is known the world over for its commitment to being the best of the best. The star in five star. It’s the place to be for pure indulgence and a slight departure from some of the more new-age brands we’ve worked with.

A different customer-base, a different expectation – but the same attention to detail and end product as always!

The Task

As businesses began to pivot during the COVID pandemic, so did their branded packaging requirements. The Ritz wanted a way to make their customers as comfortable as possible on their return to hotel. It was imperative that they stayed true to their commitment to the highest levels of service, and so they wanted to provide that caring touch.

We worked together with their team to supply bespoke Ritz branded sanitiser sachets. A small but highly personal product, the sachets were placed into hotel rooms as well as being given to individual customers as they were welcomed into the hotel.

Of course, being one of the world’s leading luxury brands, they were very sensitive as to how this all-new branded product would be applied, so our task was to make them feel as comfortable as possible in our capable hands.

The Outcome

We know the importance of brand, and so we put each and every one of our printers through a rigorous vetting process so that high standards are always upheld.

To ensure we were absolutely spot on with the look and feel of Ritz’s bespoke sanitisers, we underwent extensive colour testing and matching, with the end product perfectly aligning with the hotel’s existing packaging assets.

The result? Every piece printed exactly as expected. The finest hand sanitiser sachets known to man. It is The Ritz after all.

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