Delivery timings

When we started Brand Your, one of the key foundations we built the business on, and one that we’re most proud of, is our speedy delivery times.

We establish production facilities predominantly based in the UK to ensure consistency across both quality and reliability. This was something we’ve been able to uphold even through the toughest and most testing of times (cheers, COVID). Despite the relentless hard work of the team however, months of global uncertainty and change has begun to impact us albeit temporarily.

As some of you may have noticed, we have reluctantly had to extend our usually rapid delivery times on a host of products over the past few months. Naturally and understandably, this has been met with frustration (by us too we can assure you), however there is a significant shortage in global resources and supply capacity at this current moment. This has affected everyone in the industry.

There is a combination of factors here that are completely out of our control – an unprecedented surge in demand for domestic product (due to issues overseas) has put huge pressure on staff, machinery and supply of paper & board. This supply has also been hit by the closure of one of the world’s major mills.

Believe us, we are doing everything to speed things back up and due to our relationships, we are actually better off than most. However we wanted to make sure you are aware of this so you can plan as effectively as possible for now.

Forward planning

Whilst things are continuously changing, we will be as transparent as possible with you on lead times. We have listed these below (along with our usual lead times) but we do urge all of our clients to order well in advance for the time being.


Product Normal Lead Times Current Lead Times
Paper Cups 2-3 weeks 7-8 weeks
Clear Cups (Single Sided Print) 3 weeks As normal
Clear Cups (Full Print) 6-8 weeks 10 weeks
Burger Boxes 3-4 weeks As normal
Pizza Boxes 4-6 weeks 8 weeks
Soup Containers 2-3 weeks 7-8 weeks
Container Sleeves 2-3 weeks As normal
Ice Cream Cups 2-3 weeks 7-8 weeks
Pastry Boxes 4 weeks As normal
Cupcake Boxes 4 weeks As normal
Greaseproof Paper 7 days 3-4 weeks
Paper Carrier Bags 3 weeks As normal
Stickers 1 week As normal
Loyalty Cards 1 week As normal



We do expect things to get better however it may take a little time. Please do bear with us - it sucks, we’re sorry – but rest assured, we are working our butts off and exploring every way to improve the situation our side. Should you have any thoughts/questions, please feel free to reach out and one of our team will be more than happy to chat!

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