A word on sustainability

Sustainability underpins most of the decisions we make as a business. Particularly as we operate within the packaging industry, environmental issues have always been important to us.

The spotlight on plastic and its damaging environmental impact has led to a global movement, driving the packaging industry towards a more sustainable future. In fact, according to Mintel, 47% of adults in the UK see plastic pollution as the most pressing environmental concern with organisations estimating 12.6 million people die from environmentally-driven health risks every year.
This isn’t good enough, and we believe we can all do better.



Leading the change

We always like to shine a light on brands who are making a difference. Apple’s commitment to being 100% carbon neutral across their entire business including supply chain and product life cycle by 2030 is impressive.
In a packaging sense we can already see that they’ve taken steps to use smaller and completely recyclable packaging for all of their products.

Another great way to do your bit? Immerse yourself at grassroots level - Patagonia has gotten involved with the community and environmentalism in even purposeful ways—connecting people online to meaningful local events, supporting grassroots protesters, launching petitions for various environmental initiatives, and making more than 70% of its clothing line from recycled materials.


Brand Yours’ 4 steps to sustainability


1. Eco-friendly materials

From our coffee cups (which we developed to contain a calcium lining instead of PE) to our fully eco-friendly greaseproof paper, we are always working to be more sustainable in the materials we use. We invest considerably into R&D, and are actively exploring and trialling alternative commercially-viable materials in an attempt to improve our eco-footprint as much as possible.


2. Sustainable Sourcing

Our entire network of printers are rigorously vetted and source their paper stock from sustainable forestry resources that have been audited to confirm they are managed according to FSC’s rigorous social and environmental standards. This means our materials have been sourced from renewable resources and have had no adverse impact in the flora & fauna or environment in that location.


3. Positive Change

Each year Brand Your work with a charity donating profits to create a positive change for the environment, whether that is helping plant trees, offsetting carbon or reducing ocean plastic waste.


4. Carbon Neutral Pledge

Where possible, we attempt to use carbon neutral processes (production and logistics). We are, however committed to purchasing carbon credits to compensate for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions created through the production, transportation and disposal of products.

This is a solid foundation for us to build on, but rest assured we won’t be resting on our laurels, when we said our commitment has no end, we meant it.

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