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The cornerstone of any successful hospitality business is the level of service they provide. Being hospitable to your guests. It doesn’t cost anything extra but it can make the world of difference when it comes to repeat business, word of mouth and customer satisfaction.

Though it’s most relevant in the service and hospitality industry, the key tenants of providing good service apply across the board for most consumer facing businesses, and getting it right isn’t always easy – but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.


Win at Hospitality
  • Staff training and culture building are central to great service. The correct education of staff will help to inform exactly what is expected of them and lay a framework for how you want them to represent your brand in the face of the customer. Build your culture from the ground up and the service will take care of itself.
  • Take advantage of the tech and data that’s at your disposal to learn about your customers and their preferences. Booking and guest management software can help things run smoothly and efficiently, while CRM and social media are great tools for collecting data, responding to your community and rewarding loyalty.
  • Being open to feedback (even the not so good stuff) might not be easy, but it’s a sure-fire way to ensure you’re constantly improving and evolving. Make sure you engage with customers in the flesh and digitally, asking them what they did and (perhaps more importantly) didn’t like about their experience. It’s important to hold yourself accountable both in person and on social media/review sites, by addressing concerns and complaints with authenticity and humility.
  • Don’t be afraid of change. Change is good, change is progress – you need not fear it.


The importance of service at Brand Your


Every client is equal.

We don’t discriminate based on size or reputation; our focus is simple – take the frustration out of ordering branded packaging by putting the customer at the heart of our business. Make the ordering process super simple, and make it accessible to everyone.


Transparency, always.

We offer fully transparent pricing, which is rare in the packaging industry. We don’t have any setup charges or any other hidden costs. We think it’s important for you to know exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for. We put all our prices online and include shipping so you never get any nasty surprises.


Need to speak to us?

We’re always on hand to respond quickly and accurately to any question our customers might have or any guidance needed – ensuring we work collaboratively to produce the best packaging for you.


Honesty – it really is the best policy.

We believe this is fundamental to building long term relationships. We really do care about our clients (predominantly because we love their food!) and we want them to succeed – for this to happen, we have to be open from start to finish.

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