Brand Your Coffee Shop 101

There’s been a boom in coffee shops over the past decade or so, particularly independent ones, creating a saturated market and lots of competition. It’s never been more important for a coffee shop to stand out amongst the crowd, with the most efficient and effective way of doing so being through striking branding.

Key Products

We offer a number of essential products, not just coffee cups, all with the ability to be branded in full.

Coffee Cups

Both single and double wall hot cups. The former are perfect for hot drinks, the most common you’ll find in the marketplace, while the latter tend to be best for cold drinks, though they are still an option for warmer drinks if needed. All of our coffee cup options can be branded in full colour, are eco-friendly and offer premium quality.


Greaseproof Paper

Perfect for handheld pastries and sandwiches, our greaseproof paper options provide an extra layer of branding that’ll help any coffee shop stand out. Coming in completely customisable sizes and of the highest quality, all of our greaseproof paper options are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Clear Cups

Perfect for iced coffee season, it isn’t just hot coffee cups that we can give the full branding treatment. Our clear cup options can be turned around quickly, just in case the warmer weather sneaks up on you. We print them in a Pantone colours, ensuring you keep consistency with your brands look and feel.

Whilst the above are the bread and butter, the go-tos for most coffee shops, we also provide custom branded pastry boxes, twisted handle bags and stickers for those looking to go the extra mile with their branding, creating a full 360 branding experience.

Marrying Identity with Branding

There’s a great deal that can be achieved by bridging your brands in-store identity and experience with your packaging. Creating a mini brand world and a look-and-feel that is seamlessly integrated throughout your customers time in your coffee shop. Our branded packaging options allow you to tell your coffee shops story through visuals, colours, copy or all of the above, cementing a memorable identity that will last in a visitors mind.

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