Custom Greaseproof Paper – 4 reasons you need it

For good reason, food is often front and centre of the eating experience whenever we visit a restaurant, deli, food truck etc – but having been in the packaging game for some time now, we’d like to give a special shout out to the importance of the unsung hero, the food packaging, and in particular greaseproof paper.

Custom made and well thought out greaseproof paper can turn a burger, sandwich wrap or food basket into a symbol of pride and quality for the business. When businesses and customers feel good about every part of a product, including packaging, they’re more likely to have long, trusting relationships – and who wouldn’t want that?

Here, we list four business benefits of using custom branded greaseproof paper.

1. Boost your brand

Want some easy organic marketing? Custom greaseproof paper is a cost-effective way of achieving this with ease. Have you ever seen someone stroll past you at lunchtime with an amazing looking sandwich but you don’t want to interrupt their munching to ask where it’s from? Branded greaseproof paper does away with this dilemma, giving you a quick and easy answer in seconds.

The same goes for social media. The foodie posting revolution continues at pace, particularly on Instagram – the best way to ensure brand recognition if people aren’t tagging your spot in their post is to ensure snazzy greaseproof paper appears in the shot.

2. No more greasy fingers 

As great as your food may be, you don’t want the lasting memory of a new customer to be the grease from it that dripped all over their shirt. It can quickly ruin the experience of an otherwise tasty meal. 

Custom greaseproof paper will flip that first impression on its head, showing that a restaurant is taking its customer’s whole experience into account, making regulars out of first-time visitors. 

3. People pleaser 

Greaseproof paper is our most versatile product yet, be it for wrapping your juicy burgers, whopper sandwiches or lining the trays of your sweet puddings. It’s multi-use capabilities make it a real winner.

4. Simplicity is key 

It’s the small touches that matter, and they don’t come much simpler than getting your own greaseproof paper. From ordering in a couple of clicks, using a tried and tested step-and-repeat logo design, and taking advantage of our fast lead times, you’ll have these in no time at all.

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