Freshening things up

You might have noticed our fresh new look. Perhaps you’re wondering, why the change? We’d love to explain:
So, where are we to date?

18 months ago, we launched the first version of Brand Your with a mission to modernise the outdated food packaging industry. We wanted to make buying branded packaging accessible to anyone, whether you’re a small independent coffee shop or a larger chain. We wanted to make the process smooth and enjoyable, with a laser focus on customer experience and quality.

Rather than running before we could walk, we wanted to get our processes right first, so we focused on coffee shops initially. On launching our first website, we chose to keep our offering small, with branded products including coffee cups, smoothie cups (our initial name was actually Brand Your Cups!) and greaseproof paper.

We wanted to achieve a few things with this:

  • Dramatically improve the user experience
  • Transparency in pricing and one-click ordering
  • Service driven: providing advice and a helping hand to customers with any question big or small, quick with responses. Going above and beyond.
  • Best in class product: (consistently) high quality of packaging and print
  • Accessible: low minimum orders and fast lead times

We’ve achieved what we set out to do since launch and we’re fortunate to have worked with some of the most incredible, innovative hospitality brands. Brands who we now supply with a full, expanded range of branded takeaway packaging.

Now it’s time to level-up.

Brand Your V2

With what we’ve learnt in our first 18 months and where we know we want to be, we’ve been beavering away this year to create the new web platform you see here!

As part of this process, every decision has been driven a few key values:

  • Experience
  • Transparency in pricing and one-click ordering
  • Accessibility
  • Best in class product: (consistently) high quality of packaging and print
  • Simplification
  • Transparency
  • Quality

Not only will you now see an expanded range of products (thanks to months of hard working and vetting by our killer production team), but finding and receiving exactly what you need will be easier than ever.

We’ve focused on improving the customer experience to allow you to find and buy the perfect products for your store in a few clicks. With clearer visuals, text and navigation, everything will feel seamless… and if you have any questions, we’ll still be here to help 24/7.

We’ve had a great journey thus far, and believe us — we’re just getting started.

Welcome to Brand Your 2.0.

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