Packaging, optimised

With the growth of the to-go and takeaway markets, new opportunities have arisen for hospitality operators.

Whilst the pandemic was felt by everyone, these opportunities have enabled some to not just survive, but to thrive. As competition increases however, the quality of the product becomes integral to success and packaging is a key part of this.

Look the part, be the part

The presentation of the food once it’s been through the delivery process forms part of the customers first impression. As pretty as the packaging may look, it has to perform its primary function of ensuring the food arrives looking as it was made. A pizza with toppings all fallen to one side or a dessert that’s ended up in one chocolatey blob, can be the catalyst for a bad night and end up in bad reviews.

Temperature check

Whether it’s something served hot or cold, heat management is key. A hungry person doesn’t want to be forced to reheat their dinner or to have ice already melted on arrival, big no no’s. We can create packaging that suits specific dishes, all but guaranteeing your products arrive as intended.

Feelin’ good

The look and feel of your packaging is the first thing a customer sees. It might sound a touch shallow, but the first judgement will certainly be made based off of looks. Packaging that has personal touches, looks and feels premium, opens smoothly and boasts eye catching designs will leave a lasting first impression.

Easy, breezy

From an operational perspective and to simply make life easier for staff, it’s important that they’re able to store and build packaging easily and without too much faffing about that could distract from their core work.

These needs can be intimidating and complex but this is where Brand Your rides in on our white horses to save the day. Our production team (with years of experience working at the world’s largest food delivery companies) have spent considerable time researching, developing, testing and optimising the sizing, materials and structure of each one of our products. Ensuring that your kitchens can run smoothly, your customers consistently receive the perfect brand interaction, and the food always hits the spot!

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