Shiny new things

Creating custom products is one of the services we most pride ourselves on. We don’t believe in launching products for the sake of, rather we’re super selective, only doing things where we believe we can add real value. On that note, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our 2 new branded products: Clamshell Burger Boxes and Chicken Boxes!
All of our products are put through a rigorous quality checking process before we offer them to our clients. We like to ensure we stay true to our core values: offering accessibility (low minimum orders and competitive pricing), eco-friendly products, guaranteed quality and reliable lead times, whilst only launching products that we’re certain will create the right impact for our clients’ businesses.

Why we’re loving our new products
  • Low minimum orders – starting from just 2,000 units
  • Super-fast lead times: Delivery in three weeks
  • Full colour print included in the pricing
  • Flexibility - the chicken boxes in particular can be used for a whole range of different food products, both hot and cold
  • Premium material and print that enables our clients to create a memorable connection with customers, whilst maintaining the high quality of your food
  • Pre-formed – meaning you save time in assembly. They’re nested neatly inside each other for easy storage and user access.

We hope you love them as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled too, as we've got a few more things rolled up our sleeves in the coming months!


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