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The Brand

The wellness boom has been unstoppable over the past decade, as health, fitness and diet have become a key priority in the lives of many. One of the brands at the centre of this revolution is Bodyism, a holistic wellness company offering bespoke training and wellness solutions for people around the world. A great brand for us to work with as bespoke is our middle name.

The Task

As is so often the case for most of us, Christmas crept up on Bodyism quickly and they needed some festive packaging to adorn their cafes, reflecting the upcoming holiday period. Of course, this will have been the desire of many a company in the latter stages of the year, resulting in overly long lead times being quoted that just wouldn’t fit in with what Bodyism needed, that’s where we came in.


The Outcome

We worked closely with the Bodyism team to finalise their full festive product selection of 8oz double wall coffee cups and 16oz shake cups. In just 24 hours we were able to confirm the specs, ensure their designs were correctly applied and send everything off to print, making good on our promise to deliver in the timeframe they requested (actually, we were two days early).

The final results were spot on. A range of wonderfully festive cups that didn’t veer away from Bodyism’s brand identity, keeping their usual high-end look and feel both in terms of design and print quality.

A good measure of success is how often the cups are shared on social media, and these were clearly a hit with Bodyism customers as they were popping up in many an Instagram Story soon after they were launched. Organic marketing at its finest.

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