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Farm Girl

The Brand

If you’ve ever ventured to the Notting Hill end of West London’s Portobello Road from 2015 til’ now you’ll have spotted a curious queue of influencer-looking folk snapping pictures by the minute. Many of them will be waiting to get a table at one of London’s hippest and healthiest cafes, the Aussie inspired – Farm Girl Cafe. Can you say – Rose Latte?

The Task

Over our years working with Farm Girl, we’ve been tasked with the creation of their all-important coffee cups. Farm Girl is no ordinary coffee shop - their cups form part of the integral design-led approach that makes them memorable, in conjunction with the incredible latte art and rose petal splashes of their coffee.

We had to ensure we worked closely with the team to ensure the product met their high standards. Our premium packaging and printing capabilities have consistently helped us guarantee this.

More recently we’ve collaborated with the Farm Girl team for the launch of their brand-new concept – Roll Baby. From conceptualisation to launch, the task was to draw on our knowledge of the brand and our packaging expertise to make this new venture pop just as much as the original.

The Outcome

Our work on Roll Baby saw us essentially acting as in-house packaging advisors, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the brand and their needs.

Through spending time working day-to-day with the Roll Baby team we were able to meticulously craft the perfect size and shape for their boxes, by creating samples and constantly testing them with the team to ensure they were spot on.

This collaborative process resulted in the creation of the perfect packaging for each of their products, including bespoke roll boxes (for 1, 2 & 4 rolls), bespoke sized twisted handle and block bottom bags as well as branded coffee cups.

We were able to nail the function first, before working closely with the design team to make sure each piece looked the part and follow Farm Girl’s flair for being achingly Instagrammable. All bright, bold and designed to be memorable.

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