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Natasha's Law

Natasha’s Law?

New government legislations aren’t always the most interesting thing to report on, but Natasha’s Law is a positive step for full transparency when it comes to labelling on food products. Under Natasha’s Law, as of 1st October 2021 food outlets must provide full allergen labelling on any food that is pre-packaged for direct sale on their premises.
Why is this important? Well, a successful adherence to the law will mean more choice and better protection for millions of people – our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours with allergies will be able to shield themselves from foods that are potentially very dangerous for them (that includes our co-founders!). It’s a yes from us.

The Outcome

We’ve worked alongside several of our clients including the modern Indian inspired restaurant Kricket and poké bowl purists, Poke The Bear to produce a series of informative stickers that clearly label dishes with appropriate allergens. 

Taking full advantage of our capability to produce stickers in low volumes and with fast turnaround times, brands have been able to create specific stickers to be applied to each and every takeaway dish they serve.

We supply all of our stickers on dispenser rolls, ensuring they’re super user friendly and convenient for busy kitchen staff to store and apply the stickers with ease.

We like to think we’ve made what could have been a difficult change stress-free for our customers. The food and beverage industry could do with a break, after all.

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