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The freedom to be flexible

The Brand

Good Life Eatery and Farm & Field Café are two of the finest purveyors of colourful, healthy plates of goodness in the South.

Good Life, the neighbourhood eateries are known for making healthy eating an easy, delicious daily choice, while Farm & Field are renowned for the puppuccino (yes, it’s for dogs) and their Insta-famous series of pink pattern-based cups.

The Task

Both eateries work on a reactive and flexible basis, the perfect opportunity for us to flex our speedy turnaround times and allow them to take advantage of our low minimum order volumes.

Good Life are the masters of creativity. Whilst maintaining a consistent design framework (logo, font & positioning) to remain recognizable, they have approached us with requests for changing designs to pay tribute to artists and change makers, or for festive celebrations.

Similarly Farm & Field have been keen to use their cups to celebrate specific cultural events. They came to use with a need for short runs as well as design help. Quick, creative, flexibility was the order of the day.

The Outcome

For Good Life we have been able to consistently turn around their cup design changes, whether it’s been a quick turnaround of a small order of cups or a full-on full stock update, our speedy turnaround times, attention to detail and low minimum orders ensured all of their needs were met.

Farm & Field were also able to take advantage of our low MOQs recently when we created a range of wonderfully vibrant rainbow cups to promote Pride Month for them.

All very colourful, all begging to be posted on Instagram. Sorted.

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